What is Cryotherapy?

Just like an ice bath helps to relieve pain and inflammation, the Cryochamber uses cold as its means of treatment. Instead of ice, we use Nitrogen. Once you step inside our chamber the temperatures will drop within a range of

-166degrees to -320degrees by the operating technician for 2-3 minutes. The drop in temperature will cause your body to send your red blood cells to the core of your body. Once you are done with your treatment and exit the chamber your body will then vasodilate and send new oxygenated blood cells out from your core into the body. This process helps to remove toxins from the body. 

The benefits from Cryotherapy are truly amazing. Cryotherapy helps to treat the following:

Athletic Performance:

-Faster Recovery Time

-Higher Energy Levels

-Improved Joint Function

-Reduce Inflammation

-Reduce Muscle Soreness

-Relive Tendonitis

Beauty and Wellness:


-Cellulite Reduction

-Increased Collagen Production

-Increased Metabolism

-Can burn up to 600 calories 

Health and Pain Management:


-Back Pain

-Chronic Pain





-Multiple Sclerosis

-Muscle Pain

-Muscle Spasms


-Sleep Disorder


*As with most treatments, the more often this treatment is used the better the results will be. All individual results will differ. 


  • $25 - 1st Timers Session 

  • $45 - Pay Per Visit Sessions 

  • $175 - 5 Session Package  + 5 NormaTec Compression Sessions

  • $325 - 10 Session Package + 10 NormaTec Compression Sessions

  • $225 - Monthly Unlimited Cryo and NormaTec Compression